Treating physiology and improving body function rather than treating the disease. Disease is the process of impaired physiology. If we correct the physiology, the disease will dissipate. We make the body stronger to fend off the disease for good and prevent it from continuing to come back.


The use of alternating hot and cold to improve the circulation and move the lymphatic system. It is often used alongside different electrotherapies to strengthen organ and/or nerve function. This treatment is safe and can be used for all ages and in any condition from acute cold to sprained ankle to chronic asthma. It is an amazing tool that will enhance any treatment protocol.


Food is medicine. The items that we put into our body will have a profound effect on how we feel. It is important that we are able to digest and absorb these nutrients as well.

Nutritional counseling is very individualized. Nutritional recommendations will be based on your specific condition, blood type, and food intolerances and/or sensitivities


The use of medicinal plants to help prevent and treat illness; as well as enhance general health. Customized herbal formulas. The use of quality herbs that have been ethically sourced and contain the active constituents is a priority.


Acupuncture derives from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves insertion of a very thin needle into specific points on the body. Acupuncture helps to relieve pain and bring balance to the body. It opens circulatory and nervous system pathways allowing for better signals to the body parts that require it. Besides pain management, acupuncture can be helpful for calming the nervous system (stress management), hormone balance, digestive concerns, blood pressure, and more.


A variety of injections are available. Nutrient injections for energy, vitamin deficiency, and weight loss. Trigger point injections for neck and back pain.


Labs can gather information of what is happening internally in the body. They help to make the correct diagnosis and drive the appropriate treatment. Labs can be performed as a screening tool for prevention or focused to help diagnose and treat. Blood, urine, stool, and saliva tests available.